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Who and why I add someone - New found slut [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Who and why I add someone [Jul. 12th, 2010|12:24 pm]
To become one of my fellow sluts, which is an honest sexual need for me, you should be able to understand the following things:

I rarely 'post to add people' I 'respond to add people.' I want people who are connectable, and realistic. If I can't reach you, why do I bother? But if you're here to just post pictures, can I depend on you with my sex life?

I LOVE to Role Play, and phone sex. I Do not like 'just cybering' because it can get old fast. I want to be creative, and the more creative you are the better. Drawing and writing for me is big. I write a lot, and I want to keep writing. Anyone else who can put together a work of erotic stories is what I like.

I'm pretty serious, so I do EXPECT a responce to messages. If you don't respond, it's very rude, and personally, just wrong. If we can talk to people around the world, why can't you send a reply? People who are interested in talking to you, are at least worth a few words.

Most importantly, be yourself. I don't care if you fucked 10 guys in one week, as long as you're honest, and know that not EVERYTHING is about sex, I'll be more than happy. Just don't make it impossible to know you.

Simple isn't it?