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New found slut

Experemental whore

14 December 1983
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I am a man slut pretty much. I'm interested in a lot of kinky and naughty things, and I want to be as close to my friends as possbile, or my fellow sluts. I'm looking for very naughty and very playfull people on my lj, so please keep note of the following rules...

1: You must be 18, or I must know you from outside LJ
2: You must take part, horny talk, sexual theams, that stuff
3: Must be open minded, if someone gay comes along, don't piss them off. Or be gone
4: Simply put, I have had my LJ commentless for a 2 week span. Don't comment to where I know you're reading, gone!
5: I'm not interested in seeing your cam, paysites other than the ones I'm at, or cyber. You want that then fine, we can do that. But I'm looking for people to get to know my sexual side.
6:Fellow sluts should IM me or e-mail me at least once a month, and I'd like it to be a normal IM or e-mail about your life or what ever you want to talk about.
7: Its my LJ, I do what I want. Got that?

Know that I'm male, so don't get the idea that I'm a lesbian... although I am bisexual. *wink*

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